Saturday, 12 November 2016

Hair trends winter 2016

Hair is something which makes for the whole personality of a person especially for women and young girls. Making great hairstyles, following awesome hair color trends is all a part of fashion that speaks for the true personality of the person as to how much they love their hair and how they take care of it too.

These hair trends keep on changing and they are very different for each season according to the summer shades and moods or suitable to the wintery cool nights.

Hence, we present you the most up to date and the most known hair trends for winter 2016 that are going on right now so that you can be in fashion and be the most fashionable one among all too.

These winter hair trends 2016 include the following hair trends as haircuts and hair color too.

Ø  The Cheekbone Length Cut

This hairstyle is for the trendiest fashionistas who love to experiment and be bold at all times. It is between a long pixie cut  and a short bob cut up to the cheekbone length.

Ø  The Taylor Swift Look

This look is the most in fashion this winter 2016 as lightly feathered ends with thick sweeps of side bangs work perfectly well to give the cute look.

Ø  The Shoulder Bob

You might be thinking that this is an old one but to be very true it has just returned freshly. The shoulder bob along with the front patch angled upwards is what looks choppy and unfussy too.

Ø  The Jenner Way

While it is almost difficult to know what Kylie’s real hair style is, we surely know that her sleek one-length, bob (warm up that hair straightener) up towards the chin is the best that can suit this winter 2016.

Ø  Succulent Tones

This is a major and awesome looking winter hair trend 2016 that has major succulent multi tones cropped in it. There are different intensities of color in it like jade, neon shades, purple, magenta, turquoise etc in it at the crown to make them look awesomely light in the bottom too.

Ø  The Chocolate Rose Gold Color

This is my most favorite and recommended look for those who can carry it with flawless style. The rose gold hair color is the official 2016 color for hair and also has deep bottom brown tones that need touchups after every 6 months.

Ø  The Lawrence Dilemma

Jennifer Lawrence is always up with the latest each winter and this time she has taken the Victoria Beckham A-line bob to have a more modern look as it is parted softly on the side in waves. Make sure you try it to have the perfect warm look.

Ø  January Looks

Long shag is the way to describe this style in which you can have long and blunt choppy layers that are scattered throughout the entire head.

Now that you know the latest hair trends winter 2016, make sure you get one of them soon to be the best in fashion, in all of your groups.

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