Saturday, 12 November 2016

Best Nutrition For Healthy Hair

There are lots of ways that can be used to achieve healthy hair by making good use of what nature has to offer. Vitamins and Minerals can be made into remedies and applications of many different kinds used to achieve healthy, shiny hair.

Many fruits, vegetables, and superfoods contribute towards healthy hair. When taken regularly and in the right amounts, will help the hair not only look beautiful and shiny, but be healthy on the inside too.

The different foods that are nutritionally beneficial for achieving healthy hair are as follows:

Ø  Zinc and Iron

Both of these nutrients help the hair follicles to grow. This is why many dermatologists have suggested eating lean meat that is red meat which is truly very beneficial for the good health of hair. It is because it is rich in many nutrients besides both zinc and iron in it.  

You should have it at least twice a week to make up for the nutrition of these necessities for the hair. You can also make these more interesting if you pair these foods with non meat sources like lentils, soya beans, or even Vitamin C rich foods such as an orange that provides a great boost for the absorption process for Iron.

Ø  Vitamin D

This is also one of the most needed essentials when it comes to the well being of thick and lovely looking as well as shiny and healthy hair. There are many studies which have proved that vitamin D helps to provide great growth to hair. This is, however, quite much of a tricky vitamin to have because there are very few foods that have this vitamin in them naturally.

Of course, sitting in the sun for a few minutes is truly the best source for vitamin D as it helps to produce more and more of its quantities. But there are many other experts who also advice the opposite as they say that this harmful UV rays exposure would be very much troublesome too.

Thus, the best way that is prescribed for the intake of vitamin C is taking it through different kinds of dosages like supplements of about 1000 IU daily. You can also try to have recipes of those things that have Vitamin D in them alternatively, though the amount in them might vary too.

Ø  Protein

There is certainly no person on Mother Earth who doesn’t know about protein and the many benefits that it provides to people. Of course, this is because proteins are the building blocks of life and promote the cell growth and repair.

This is why it comes as no surprise to know that protein helps immensely for hair too. It boosts the health of hair by providing it all the strength that it needs to be healthy and shiny. Women who long to have great hair should have at least 46 grams or 3 ounces of chicken a day as it contains about 23 equal parts of protein in it.

You can also make up your own guides or make use of the main available expert guidelines that are available for devising the perfect quantity of protein that you should be consuming every day for great hair results.

Ø  Fatty acids through Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are also the most known beneficial things needed by the body which is why they are also of great importance for good hair that is healthy. If you consume of up to fatty fish or delicious Salmon just twice each week for sometime you will see the changes as you transition from hydrated hair.

You can also take about 1 gram each day of a DHA and EPA supplement that is available quite easily today. You will not only get silky hair but Omega 3 will also help you to get rid of any depression and stress besides providing you great heart help alongside too.

Ø  Biotin

Eggs are definitely the name when it comes to consuming biotin or if it is anything about hair and its health. They have lots of vitamin B in it that provides the needed growth for hair. They also give a lot of protein, choline, and vitamin D, all of those that are also needed by your hair to be healthy. If you don’t want to have an egg, you can have a 30mcg supplement daily to make up for the need too.

Ø  Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also a type is needed by the hair to make sebum for you. This is like an oily substance that is created by the hair’s sebaceous glands. They are essential because they provide the natural conditioner for the scalp and its health too. Without sebum, there is an itchy and dry scalp that results in a lot of hair loss and irritation as well.
This is the reason why animal products and vegetables that are yellow or orange (have high beta-carotene) or which make vitamin A like carrots, pumpkins etc should be used more in diets to have healthy hair that is shining, beautiful, strong, as well as lovely at the same time. They will also protect you against the more harsher styling treatments like hair straightening and Keratin treatments,   and bleaching.

It is not just a matter of applying expensive shampoos and conditioners and styling products to give you beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair. Your diet plays a big part. It is good nutrition that will give the hair the strength and health that you want and need, particularly when using hair styling tools regularly. Hence, it is important to feed your body with healthy foods that work for it rather than filling your scalp with certain formulae.

Now that you know the very important foods that provide the best nutrition for healthy hair you can make use of these foods by making them a part of your meal everyday and have healthy hair in no time soon.

Hair trends winter 2016

Hair is something which makes for the whole personality of a person especially for women and young girls. Making great hairstyles, following awesome hair color trends is all a part of fashion that speaks for the true personality of the person as to how much they love their hair and how they take care of it too.

These hair trends keep on changing and they are very different for each season according to the summer shades and moods or suitable to the wintery cool nights.

Hence, we present you the most up to date and the most known hair trends for winter 2016 that are going on right now so that you can be in fashion and be the most fashionable one among all too.

These winter hair trends 2016 include the following hair trends as haircuts and hair color too.

Ø  The Cheekbone Length Cut

This hairstyle is for the trendiest fashionistas who love to experiment and be bold at all times. It is between a long pixie cut  and a short bob cut up to the cheekbone length.

Ø  The Taylor Swift Look

This look is the most in fashion this winter 2016 as lightly feathered ends with thick sweeps of side bangs work perfectly well to give the cute look.

Ø  The Shoulder Bob

You might be thinking that this is an old one but to be very true it has just returned freshly. The shoulder bob along with the front patch angled upwards is what looks choppy and unfussy too.

Ø  The Jenner Way

While it is almost difficult to know what Kylie’s real hair style is, we surely know that her sleek one-length, bob (warm up that hair straightener) up towards the chin is the best that can suit this winter 2016.

Ø  Succulent Tones

This is a major and awesome looking winter hair trend 2016 that has major succulent multi tones cropped in it. There are different intensities of color in it like jade, neon shades, purple, magenta, turquoise etc in it at the crown to make them look awesomely light in the bottom too.

Ø  The Chocolate Rose Gold Color

This is my most favorite and recommended look for those who can carry it with flawless style. The rose gold hair color is the official 2016 color for hair and also has deep bottom brown tones that need touchups after every 6 months.

Ø  The Lawrence Dilemma

Jennifer Lawrence is always up with the latest each winter and this time she has taken the Victoria Beckham A-line bob to have a more modern look as it is parted softly on the side in waves. Make sure you try it to have the perfect warm look.

Ø  January Looks

Long shag is the way to describe this style in which you can have long and blunt choppy layers that are scattered throughout the entire head.

Now that you know the latest hair trends winter 2016, make sure you get one of them soon to be the best in fashion, in all of your groups.